£11,754.00 (exVAT=£9,795.00)


The Solis 26 9+9 boasts all the same terrific features as the 26, with the addition of 9+9 transmission.

The Solis 26 9+9 is the latest addition to our compact tractor range.

As its name suggests, this light duty side shift, all-wheel machine, available from Solis Tractors Lincolnshire features a 9 + 9 gearbox. 9 forward gears and 9 for reversing, delivering optimised control.

With lifting power of up to 600 kg, power steering, illuminated dashboard and an adjustable, sprung seat with seat belt, the Solis 26 9 + 9 offers all the fantastic build quality and value for money as the other tractors in our compact range, with the addition of a 9 + 9 side shift gearbox.

Key Features

3 Cylinder Engine

High torque fuel efficient low noise & vibration

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable control

4WD Front Axle

For better traction. Suitable for muddy operation better steering angle for sharp turning

Backlit Instrument Cluster

Easy to see at night

Track Width

Suitable for inter cultural crops

Best in Class Hydraulic Capacity

Multi-speed PTO

Suitable for spraying & Rotavator application

Effortless Bonnet Opening

Power Steering

For easy operation & operator comfort

Engine Type

Mitsubishi 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine / S3L2-3E (water cooled)




Power Steering

Prices start at £9795+VAT, please call us for a more tailored price 01626 833374