Compact and robust 3.2-kW cut-off saw (350mm cutting wheel)

Compact and robust, the new STIHL TS 420. Long-life filter system with cyclone pre-separation makes on site maintenance unnecessary. Extremely low vibration levels (3.9m/s²). High performance engine with stratified charge system. Compact design and optimised balance for excellent cutting and guide characteristics. For use with 350mm cutting wheel. ElastoStart, primer pump and decompression valve. Bayonet filler cap for tool free opening. Can be hand held or used with the FW 20 cart.



Cut-off saw with electronic water control – 350mm cutting wheel

The innovative TS 420 A is the first cut-off saw for a 14″ wheel to have electronic water control. Ideal for dust suppression, it revolutionises water-assisted cutting. Simple keypad operation is possible without switching off or putting down the machine. Long life air filter system with cyclone pre-separation eliminates daily filter cleaning. Compact design with an optimised balance suitable for 350mm/14″ cutting wheel. Hand held or use with the FW 20 cart.