Ultra Precision with Quadruple Overlap

Choose a spreading system that naturally eliminates errors and produces outstanding results.

Wind, driving errors and variation in fertiliser can combine to result in an uneven spread pattern.

The gentle taper of the ‘triangular’ spread pattern produced by the XT24 and X48 distributes any error across the full width of the bout. Conversely, outward spinning systems typically produce a trapezoidal pattern which focuses errors in the lapped areas and is more likely to result in striping.

In-built Error Offset

With our twin disc range a skew in the spread pattern from one disc is typically offset by an equal and opposite effect from the second spreading disc.

With our system it is straightforward to drive at the correct bout width by ensuring that fertiliser is thrown just as far as the last set of tractor wheelings.

No rotors to change, vanes to adjust or spread widths to set. Simply adjust the spread rate as described in the instruction book and you are ready to spread

Stainless Steel Spreading System

Stainless steel is used extensively in the shutter and rotor to reduce corrosion.

Plastic Hopper

The flexible plastic hopper is easily removed from the machine for cleaning without the use of tools. The plastic contains an ultraviolet inhibitor to counteract embrittlement caused by sunlight – essential to provide a long service life. The hopper profile is designed to deliver good flow characteristics.

Headland Tilt Mechanism

A rope operated tilt mechanism is fitted as standard to incline the machine for spreading of the headland bout. When the machine is tilted the spread pattern is concentrated on the boundary side, giving an even spread over the whole field.

A hydraulically operated tilt mechanism is available as an optional extra on the XT48.

Powder Coated Frame

The frame is shot blasted and powder coated to provide the best protection against fertiliser.