Teagle SE range promotes the quadruple overlap distribution system.

This robust spreading pattern is incredibly tolerant to sources of inaccuracy such as wind, variation in fertiliser characteristics and driver error.

Teagle offers a range of fertiliser spreaders that fulfils all European standards relating to accuracy of distribution and border spreading.

The winning combination of the Accu Rate delivery system with a robust quadruple overlap spread pattern results in a spreader that operates reliably and is consistently accurate – even on banks and hillsides.

Accurate distribution

The bowl system delivers fertiliser direct to the spreading vanes to ensure the drop point does not change even when spreading on hillsides.

Accurate dosage

The shutter profile achieves an accurate dose both at low and high rates for fertiliser, slug pellets and grass seed.

Vortex system

Subtle agitation at the base of the bowl sets up a vortex to smoothly spin fertiliser through the shutter without causing damage to the material.

Consistent spread

To ensure the most consistent spread in the field, each piece of ground receives 16 deliveries of fertiliser. Component wear is also reduced as the spreading work is shared between 8 vanes.

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