Why own a Tomahawk?

  • Labour Saving – one person can quickly and easily bed down livestock.
  • Save Straw, users regularly report up to 30% savings.
  • Livestock are cleaner and healthier – straw is lightly shredded for improved moisture absorbance.
  • One machine, Two jobs – Bed down and feed with all Tomahawk models (except Dual Chop)
  • Reliability – If you can bale a crop, we can process it.
  • Versatility – Feed clamp or baled silage, haylage or root crops.


Teagle make the widest range of  Feeder Bedders available from any manufacturer with the added bonus that its British built. With applications ranging from pre-processing straw for feed to delivering clamp silage to a barrier we have designed a model to suit your needs.

The 404M/505M Mills can chop straw or miscanthus as short as 10mm, whereas the massive 10m3 Tomahawk 1010 can be used as a combined Bedder/Feeder Wagon. These machines may also be known as Bale Processors, Straw Choppers, Straw Bedders, Straw Blowers, Straw Choppers, Silage Fedders, ect.

For more information on the range available and prices please contact our salesman Charles Cornish on 07768823670